Dan MorseEmail:

Houston, Texas

District 16:
Most of Texas and all of Mexico

Board committees:
401k Trustee, Board Operations, Credentials, Election Protest, Finance, Governance, Juniors/Education, NABC Site Selection, Strategic Review

Bridge experience:
I have been playing for 55 years. I’ve won 12 National Championships including all major
Team, Open and Senior trials events.

Volunteer service:
President and Vice President of District 16 and Unit 174

Career/professional activities:
Owned professional pharmacy for 28 years and was a real estate broker for 30 years.

B.S., University of Houston (pharmacy)

Hobbies and interests:
Stock market, travel

Wife, Joan, deceased. I also have brother and a daughter who lives in Dallas TX with my two grandchildren. Significant other, Barbara Grantham.