Georgia HethEmail:

Morton, Illinois

District 8:
Illinois except for Chicago, St.Louis and some of the rest of Missouri, northern Indiana and the Paducah, Kentucky area

Board committees:
Appeals and Charges (Chair), CEO Search, CEO Review, and Bylaws (Chair)

Bridge experience:
I have been playing for 34 years. My proudest moment is winning our first mutual masterpoint while playing with my son last year.

Volunteer service:
Prior: Unit 208 board member, NAP coordinator and charity chairman, District 8 board member, president and judiciary committee chair. Current: District 8 GNT coordinator, member of WBF Executive Council and Management Committee, Honorary Secretary of WBF. President of Board of Trustees of the ACBL Charity Foundation.

Career/professional activities:
Lawyer. After 26 years with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, I switched jobs last May and now work for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, representing the Department in child abuse and neglect hearings.

Millikin University (English and American Studies); J.D., Stanford Law School; all of the prerequisites and half of the coursework for an M.B.A. from Illinois State University

Hobbies and interests:
Reading, traveling, visiting family. Not much time for anything else until I retire.

I became a mother on December 22, 2014, when I adopted my son, Kortlan. He is my first and only child, and between him, bridge and work, I am kept plenty busy. I also have four nieces and became a great-aunt last year.