Roger Smith croppedEmail:

Pittsburg CA

District 21:
Central and northern California and northern Nevada

Board committees:
Bridge and Honorary Member (Chair)

Bridge experience:
I joined the ACBL in about 1972. I enjoy playing and have won events at regionals, but my proudest achievement is serving as ACBL President in 2005.

Volunteer service:
Sacramento Unit Board/President and District Board Representative, District 21 Board Member and President, Western Conference Board/President, ACBL Board for 12 years and President.

I am a qualified bridge teacher and have occasionally taught beginning lessons.

Career/professional activities:
Community college communication studies instructor. I previously taught real estate classes and business classes. I was a full-time real estate broker for 21 years.

B.A. (Speech with Government and Journalism), Master’s Degree (Communications Studies), Community College Faculty Preparation Certificate Program

Hobbies and interests:
Exploring northern California and occasionally Europe

I have a brother, who is married. They have two boys.