Election Chart (2019-2021)

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District Directors

District Incumbent Candidates Elected
1 Leo Weniger Leo Weniger
Allan Graves (withdrew)
Leo Weniger
5 Sharon Fairchild Brian Ellis
Jim Overcasher
Dian Petrov
Election required
7 Bob Heller Mike Kovacich Candidate Elected
13 Suzi Subeck Suzi Subeck Candidate Elected
15 Phyllis Harlan Len Fettig
Warren Smith
Election required
18 Claire Jones Claire Jones
Allan Terplany (withdrew)
19 Marv Norden Bryan Delfs
Marv Norden
Julie Smith
Election required
23 Kevin Lane Kevin Lane
John Ramos
Election required
25 Mark Aquino Mark Aquino
Bob Bertoni
Election required

2019 – 1st and 2nd Alternate

District Capacity Incumbent Candidates Elected
2 1st Florence Belford Florence Belford Candidate Elected
2nd Gim Ong Gim Ong Candidate Elected
3 1st Brett Kunin Brett Kunini Candidate Elected
2nd John Hogan Jr Vacant
4 1st Richard Popper Richard Popper Candidate Elected
2nd Walter Mitchell Jr Vacant
8 1st Debra Romero Vacant
2nd Ron Sholes Vacant
14 1st Steven Gaynor Steven Gaynor Candidate Elected
2nd Susan Jackson Vacant
16 1st Robert Morris Vacant
2nd Tomi Storey Tomi Storey Elected
21 1st Stuart Goodgold Stuart Goodgold Elected
2nd Art Bhargava Vacant
22 1st Warren Cederborg Ronald Lien Elected
2nd Ronald Lien Vacant

2019 Board of Governors Representatives

District Incumbents Candidates Elected
6 Will Williams
Barbara Doran
Fred King
Will Williams
David Rodney
Barbara Doran
9 Stuart Altschuler
Maureen Loeb
Jeff Edelstein
10 Clair Chisler
Blake Sanders
11 Billie Brown
Joyce Penn
Judith Auer
12 David Kamm
William Arlinghaus
Eugene Kalesy
17 Joann Sprung
Linda Gordon
James Calhoun
Joann Sprung
Linda Gordon
James Calhoun
Candidates Elected
20 Merle Stetser
Samuel Asai
Nelda Linman
24 Diana Schuld
Uday Ivatury
Silvana Zangri