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Goodwill meetings held at NABCs:
Meeting held on Monday; extra material in Bulletin on Tuesday.


NABC Site and Date
To Daily ACBL Bulletins on Goodwill Moday and the
Tuesday after, as well as to Extra Materials
Phoenix, Fall 2013 Audio File  (meeting begins about 15 minutes in)Photo File   MondayTuesday
Atlanta, Summer 2013 MondayTuesday.  Photos: 123456.
St, Louis, Spring 2013 Audio File.  Photo File.  MondayTuesday.
San Francisco, Fall 2012. MondayTuesday.
Philadelphia, Summer 2012.
Memphis, Spring 2012. MondayTuesday.
Seattle, Fall 2011. MondayTuesday.
Toronto, Summer 2011. MondayTuesday.
Louisvillle, Spring 2011. MondayTuesday.
Orlando, Fall 2010. MondayTuesday.
New Orleans, Summer 2010. Audio file.  MondayTuesday.
Reno, Spring 2010. Audio file.  MondayTuesday.
San Diego, Fall 2009. Audio file.  Photo.
Link to file of photos.  MondayTuesday.
Washington D.C., Summer 2009. Audio file.  MondayTuesday.
Houston, Spring 2009.   Audio file.  MondayTuesday.
Boston, Fall, 2008.
Audio file.  MondayTuesday.
Las Vegas, Summer, 2008. MondayTuesday.
Detroit, Spring, 2008. Audio file.
Link to website.  MondayTuesday.
San Francisco, Fall, 2007. MondayTuesday.
Nashville, Summer, 2007. Photo.  Audio file.  MondayTuesday.
St. Louis, Spring, 2007. Photo Album.  MondayTuesday.
Honolulu, Fall, 2006. MondayTuesday.
Chicago, Summer, 2006. MondayTuesday.
Dallas, Spring, 2006. MondayTuesday.
Denver, Fall, 2005. MondayTuesday.
Atlanta, Summer, 2005. MondayTuesday.
Pittsburgh, March, 2005. MondayTuesday.
Orlando, Fall, 2004. MondayTuesday.
New York, Summer, 2004. MondayTuesday.
Reno, Spring, 2004. MondayTuesday.
New Orleans, Fall, 2003. MondayTuesday.
Long Beach, Summer, 2003. MondayTuesday.
Philadelphia, Spring, 2003. MondayTuesday.
Phoenix, Fall, 2002. MondayTuesday.
Washington DC, Summer, 2002. MondayTuesday.
Houston, Spring, 2002. MondayTuesday.
Las Vegas, Fall, 2001. MondayTuesday.
Toronto, Summer, 2001. MondayTuesday.
Kansas City, Spring 2001. MondayTuesday.
Birmingham, Fall, 2000. MondayTuesday.
Anaheim, Summer, 2000. MondayTuesday.
Cincinnati, Spring, 2000. MondayTuesday.
Boston, Fall, 1999. MondayTuesday.
San Antonio, Summer, 1999. MondayTuesday.
Vancouver, Spring, 1999. MondayTuesday.
Orlando, Fall, 1998. MondayTuesday.
Chicago, Summer, 1998. MondayTuesday.
Reno, Spring, 1998. MondayTuesday.
St. Louis, Fall, 1997. MondayTuesday.
Albuquerque, Summer, 1997. MondayTuesday.
Dallas, Spring, 1997. MondayTuesday.
San Francisco, Fall, 1996. MondayTuesday.

Other Photo Albums:

Digital publications (beyond ACBL publications):

  • NABC local materials
    • Spring, 2008.  Links to final Detroit NABC report:
      • Word document, 15 pages–top layer of report with all links.
      • PDF format of all pdfs in one layer (454 pages) with all links.
      • Link to Detroit NABC website:  —  a gift to future NABC Chairs from the Detroit NABC
  • Connections:  Extending goodwill from bridge to the world
    • “Power of Two” Arlinghaus communications to the ACBL Board during 2011