The BoG Teachers and Sanction holders committee represents teachers and sanction holders in Board of Governors and joint deliberations.

Name Email BoG Role
Jeff Bayone Yes Teacher and Sanction holder
Owner Honors Bridge Club NYC
Judy Elbogen No Teacher and Sanction holder
D22 – Los Angeles
Kamel Fergani No Teacher and Sanction holder
Montreal, Canada
Steve Gaynor Yes Teacher and Director D14
First Alternate BoD
Barbara Heller Yes Teacher D7
Educational Foundation
Sam Marks No Sanction holder D7 Bridge Club of Atlanta
Representative to Club Owner’s Task Force
Joyce Penn Yes Teacher and Sanction holder D11
Columbus OH
Steve Moese Yes Committee Chair D11
West Chester OH
Rich Carle Yes Club Manager D20
Longview WA
Betty Starzec Yes Master teacher, trustee Educational Foundation, ABTA President D20
Sugarland TX

About the work of the Board of Governors Teachers & Club Owners Committee

By giving voice to teachers and club owners viewpoints, priorities, and proposals we hope to improve results against key growth priorities:

  1. Membership,
  2. # of club tables played per year, and
  3. Attendance at ACBL tournaments.

Our charter extends for 2 years (December 2018). We gather inputs from teachers and club owners, work to improve the Board of Governors deliberation process itself, and identify opportunities for the Board of Governors and the Board of Directors to collaborate on issues of interest to teachers and club owners.

We will represent the views of our stakeholders fairly and objectively, based on a series of short questionnaires and open communication with teachers and club owners. This research will identify strengths and gaps affecting growth. What we learn defines Motions for Consideration by the Board of Directors and recommendations for action by ACBL Management. We do not engage issues from day-to-day operations (these are already well managed by ACBL Headquarters staff).

We plan several questionnaires to solicit what matters to teachers and club owners, and encourage dialog with us on ways to grow. We are collaborating actively with the Club Owner’s Task Force, chaired by Kevin Lane (District 23 Board of Directors Representative).

If you are a bridge teacher or sanction club owner and want to share your views, please contact Steve Moese, Committee Chair, at, or anyone of the BoG Teachers & Club Owners Committee members to make your views heard. We look forward to hearing from you.”