Audrey Grant _BlackwoodHOFAudrey Grant has a background in education, teaching every level from kindergarten to university. For over three decades, the “Teachers’ Teacher” has applied her passion to bridge education. Most new players started using one of her books or receiving instruction from one of her teachers. As a writer, teacher and lecturer, she has endeared herself to a generation of bridge players.

Audrey has developed unique methods for presenting the game. Her play-based lessons and innovative Cards-on-the-Table approach have helped thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students.

She works with her husband, David Lindop, developing authentic and up-to-date material. Together they have written more than 25 books. Her first book, “The Joy of Bridge”, was written in collaboration with Eric Rodwell. Recently they co-authored the highly-acclaimed book “2/1 Game Force”. She has also written books on ACOL with Zia Mahmood.

When the Better Bridge books were becoming popular, ACBL became interested in training teachers. Audrey worked as an educational consultant, and it proved a good match. She produced the ACBL Bridge Series: the Club, Diamond, Heart and Spade books, plus Commonly and More Commonly Used Conventions. Working with the ACBL Education Department, Audrey developed the Teacher Accreditation Program (TAP) and accompanying coded cards and manuals. She produced two 26-week television series and then worked with ACBL to develop a number of shows for PBS.

With her new line of Better Bridge material Audrey continues to work in direct contact with teacher trainers, teachers and students. Her Better Bridge Magazine has been going steadily for 25 years. Her books regularly receive awards. Last year, Audrey’s Online Interactive Daily Bridge Column won the American Bridge Teachers’ Association’s Software of the Year Award. She continues to work with teachers both in North America and internationally. The Better Bridge Teachers’ website resulted in the formation of world’s largest group of bridge teachers.

Audrey is also an active fundraiser and her contributions have endowed causes such as the annual Audrey Grant Fellowship, which supports research for Parkinson’s disease.

Audrey’s passion for what she does, and her ability to inspire teachers and students, has a positive impact on groups that work together with her to promote bridge.