Molson, who died in 2006, was a Grand Life Master with a distinguished record in high-level competition. He had a silver medal in the Bermuda Bowl in 1995 and a bronze medal in the Rosenblum Knockout Teams in 1990. A native of Canada, Molson won the Richmond Trophy (for the most masterpoints earned in a calendar year by a Canadian) five times. He amassed almost 20,000 masterpoints before his death at 56.
Molson won seven Canadian National Team Championships, one Canadian Open Pairs Championship and seven NABC titles: the Reisinger and Blue Ribbon Pairs in 1989, the 2002 Grand National Teams and four times the Keohane North American Swiss Teams.
At the time of Molson’s death, Bermuda Bowl teammate Eric Kokish told the Bridge Bulletin, “Over the course of his career he was able to bring out the best in a wide variety of partners of different abilities. He was also excellent company, which can’t be said of all bridge experts, and a sort of Peter Pan figure in his own way.”
Molson was married to Janice Seamon-Molson, who appeared on the Hall of Fame ballot this year.