louis_bluhm1940 – 1990

Lou Bluhm of Atlanta was a bridge professional and an expert at poker and gin rummy. One of the leading American players, he was well-known for his high standard of ethics and deportment. He placed 3rd in the World Mixed Pairs in 1978 and won the Cavendish Invitational Pairs in 1981. He was a Grand Life Master with 13,000 masterpoints. He was the first recipient of the ACBL’s Distinguished Player Award (an award that was originated for him). He won the Reisinger in 1972, the Spingold in 1974 and 1977; the Vanderbilt in 1979 and 1989; the Blue Ribbon Pairs and Men’s Teams in 1977; the Open Pairs in 1984, and the Life Master Men’s Pairs in 1987. He placed 2nd in the Vanderbilt in 1978 and 1986; the Spingold in 1988, the Men’s Teams in 1973 and the Grand National Open Teams and the Men’s B-A-M Teams in 1983; the Men’s B-A-M Teams in 1987.