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One of the most popular and capable personages to ever grace the ACBL family is Bulletin Editor Emeritus Henry Francis. As a teenager in the early 1940s living in Massachusetts, he embarked upon two careers that for six decades would enrich his own life as well as others with whom he came into contact.

One endeavor was bridge (as a player, tournament reporter, club director and owner, and ACBL tournament director at the sectional, regional and national level). The other was as a journalist.

According to his dear friend and well-loved Co-Editor Emeritus, Sue Emery, “It was pure serendipity when these two careers came together in 1972. The Boston Herald was folding, and the ACBL was moving to Memphis and needed an editor for the Bulletin. Henry brought his considerable knowledge, great experience, talent and boundless enthusiasm to the job.”

During his years in Memphis, he edited the monthly ACBL magazine, three editions of The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge, many editions of the World Championship Book, World Championship Bulletins and Daily Bulletins at the North American Bridge Championships for more than 30 years. His association with the World Championships attracted the attention of the world bridge press. Soon thereafter, he was invited to serve in several capacities by both the International Bridge Press Association and the World Bridge Federation.

Henry still can be seen playing in the local and nearby tournaments, an occasional ACBL event and in the weekly Memphis duplicates where he ran his own Thursday night game for many years. Despite the passage of much time, his interest in the game has not diminished, and the mutual love affair between Henry Francis and the world of bridge continues to flourish.