Agnes_Gordon1906 – 1967

The von Zedtwitz Award was created to honor a deceased player who would have been elected to the Hall of Fame in their time, before the institution was created, but is not well known today. Agnes Gordon, the 2009 von Zedtwitz honoree, was one of the ACBL’s top players for three decades.

Eric Murray, who played with Gordon frequently, wrote in support of her Hall of Fame election, “There was no better female bridge player in North America (including Helen Sobel) and very few male players her equal. She achieved remarkable success frequently playing with mediocre partners.”

Gordon and Murray had a record 78% game in the final session of the Rockwell Mixed Pairs, which they won in 1963. Wrote Murray: “Agnes never came close to touching a wrong card or making a questionable bid. Everyone who played with Agnes marveled at her perfection. She unquestionably ranks with the all-time very best.”

Gordon, who died in 1967, won seven North American championships, including the Chicago Board-a-Match Teams (now the Reisinger) in 1948; the Mixed Board-a-Match Teams in 1951, 1952 and 1962; the Women’s Pairs in 1961; the Mixed Pairs and the Womens’ Teams in 1967. She was on the second-place squad in the World Women’s Teams in 1964 and represented the U.S. in two world championships.

Born in Ontario, Canada, she moved to Buffalo NY but remained a Canadian citizen.