leventritt_peter_a1916 – 1998

Peter Leventritt earned recognition as a bridge player, administrator and teacher. He became Life Master #38 in 1943 and won major tournament titles in three decades. He represented North America in the Bermuda Bowl three times — 1961, 1963 and 1965 — and finished second to Italy’s Blue Team each time.

Leventritt pioneered the use of the Schenken System in partnership with its inventor, Howard Schenken.

A co-founder of the Card School of New York, he and Edgar Kaplan were the principal authors of the original edition of The Biggest Little Bridge Book in the World.

August Boehm of New York recalls this story about Leventritt as a teacher and a competitor: “The Card School teachers would often go into homes to teach and play. It was sit down, shuffle and play. Peter Leventritt, as was the custom, would be neatly dressed in a jacket and tie.

“By the third or fourth deal, however, off came the jacket, off came the tie. The sleeves were rolled up, and he was playing as hard in those games as if he were playing against the Italians in the Bermuda Bowl.”