manfield_edward1943 – 1999

The news of Eddie Manfield’s sudden death in 1999, in the prime of life at age 56, was received with great shock and much sadness. Eddie wore many challenging hats both in the world of bridge and in the professional arena.

According to Harvard classmate Ron Gerard, “We lived in the same residence for three years, played on the university bridge team in inter-collegiate competition and shared a regular rubber bridge game, sometimes to the exclusion of what our parents thought their tuition dollars were going toward.”

Eddie appeared in his first NABC in 1965 and soon emerged as a dominant force in Washington-area bridge. In the 70s and 80s he captured hosts of events, soaring to national and international prominence with partner Kit Woolsey and teammates Peter Boyd and Steve Robinson.

Eddie’s “I’ve Got a Secret” earned for him the 1982-83 International Bridge Press Association Best Article award, adding to the acclaim he had received as a theoretician and writer when he shared the award in 1979-80 for ” High Level Bridge ,” his ground-breaking series in The Bridge World. He may be best remembered for his 1987 BOLS Tip, “The Five Level Belongs to the Opponents.”

In 1986, he won the Rosenblum Teams, perhaps somewhat easing the pain and disappointment of losing the final in 1982. Receiving his master’s degree at UVA, Eddie worked for the Federal Trade Commission and then pursued an exciting and volatile career as an options trader where he enjoyed an extraordinarily successful track record both for himself personally and for those friends and bridge players whom he sponsored on The Philadelphia Exchange. However, despite his enormous all-around success, his true pride and joy were his children, Karen, Sabrina and Seth.