sidney_silodor1906 – 1963

An explosion of bridge talent came from the Philadelphia area in the Thirties and Forties: Charles Goren, Sally Young, Norman Kay and Charles Solomon just to name a few. Another member of this impressive class was Sidney Silodor of nearby Havertown PA.

Silodor trained as a lawyer, but happily for the game of bridge he was also a lecturer, writer and instructor in addition to being one of the world’s top players in that era. Silodor was a member of the North American team that won the world championship in the first Bermuda Bowl in 1950. He got three more shots at the world championship by representing North America in the Bermuda Bowl in 1958 and 1961 and in the Olympiad in 1960.

Silodor wrote a newspaper column and many articles for The Bridge World magazine. His books included Silodor Says, Contract Bridge According to Silodor and Tierney and The Complete Book of Duplicate Bridge.

At the time of his death in 1963, Silodor (who was also a member of the ACBL Board of Directors) was the holder of the Open Pairs title. The current NABC contest Open Pairs I is named in Silodor’s honor.

Silodor’s talent as a player was well established by his victories in 31 national-level contests which included six Reisinger wins, three in the Spingold and eight in the Vanderbilt. A winner of the McKenney (now the Barry Crane Top 500) race, Silodor was one of the early lifetime leaders in number of masterpoints earned.