Horn Lake, Miss – The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) announces the retirement of Chief Executive Officer, Jay Baum, after almost ten years of service to the organization.

Hired in January 2002, Baum will leave his mark on the organization in more ways than can be described. One of his most visible achievements was the redesign of the ACBL’s monthly publication, the Bridge Bulletin. Previously produced as a black and white digest, Baum changed the Bridge Bulletin format to a four-color magazine publication. With this change, the ACBL saw an increase in advertising revenue and member satisfaction.

Baum’s next greatest achievement was a revival of the organization’s membership. After seeing a steady decline in member retention during the 90s, under Baum’s leadership, membership statistics have not seen a decrease since March 2003. On the contrary, membership has steadily increased and member retention is at its strongest in 20 years.

Other accomplishments of note are the move of headquarters from its previous location on Airways Blvd in Memphis, TN, to its current home in Horn Lake, Miss., and the ACBL’s achievement of reaching its three millionth tournament table while under Baum’s leadership.

Prior to his time with the ACBL, Baum served as Executive Director of the Greater Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau for twenty years.

About the ACBL
Indisputably the most challenging card game ever invented, bridge attracts players of all ages and walks of life — from Microsoft founder Bill Gates to tennis star Martina Navratilova. Founded in 1937, the ACBL is the largest bridge organization in the world, serving 165,000 members, 3,200 bridge clubs and sanctioning 1,100 sectional and regional tournaments annually. The ACBL’s three North American Bridge Championships each attract up to 5,000 players representing every state in the United States, Canada and about 20 other foreign countries. For more information about the ACBL, visit www.acbl.org.