Horn Lake, MS – In 2011, expert bridge player Chris Compton of Dallas earned 2,918.13 masterpoints — the metric of accomplishment in the world of bridge — more than any other player in the American Contract Bridge League’s (ACBL) organization. Known as the “Barry Crane Top 500,” the race for the most masterpoints in a calendar year is one of the ACBL’s most challenging contests. Compton finished the masterpoint race more 500 points ahead of second-place finisher Jeff Meckstroth of Tampa FL, who earned the award the previous five years in a row.

“In the month of June I realized that I was ahead of my legendary friend, teammate and partner, Jeff Meckstroth,” remarked Compton. “It felt like I was half-way there, so I just focused my life for six months on the Top 500 and hoped it would turn out well!”

The Barry Crane Top 500 is contested for the Barry Crane Trophy. Originally known as the McKenney Trophy, it was renamed in 1986 in honor of Crane who had a dominant influence on the race for three decades. Crane, a Hollywood director and producer who was murdered in July of 1985, was the ACBL’s top masterpoint holder at the time of his death.

About the ACBL
Indisputably the most challenging card game ever invented, bridge attracts players of all ages and walks of life — from Microsoft founder Bill Gates to tennis star Martina Navratilova. Founded in 1937, the ACBL is the largest bridge organization in the world, serving 165,000 members, 3,200 bridge clubs and sanctioning 1,100 sectional and regional tournaments annually. The ACBL’s three North American Bridge Championships each attract up to 5,000 players representing every state in the United States, Canada and about 20 other foreign countries. For more information about the ACBL, visit www.acbl.org.