Is there a bridge teacher in your life who gives that something “extra” in the classroom and you value for their enthusiasm, thoughtful encouragement and passion for bridge? You and your fellow students can nominate this special person for consideration for the 2016 American Bridge Teachers Association (ABTA) Teacher of the Year Award, sponsored by Master Point Press.

We are looking for individuals, who present student-appropriate materials in a lively, unique style; who are contributing to the growth of bridge in the local community and schools. A special someone who really cares for the students’ successes, concerns and progress at the bridge table. This is the teacher who is always “on top” of the material and is regularly bringing new ideas and theories into the classroom for the students’ consideration.

You can view the teacher criteria and complete a nomination form at: or

Questions may be directed, by email, to Joyce at: Yes, you need your teacher’s permission and cooperation for nomination. The deadline for nominations and submissions is April 15, 2017.