On Tuesday, Nov. 26, ACBL presented the Crews ‘n Healthmobile of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation with two donations: $5000 from the ACBL Charity Foundation and $1000 from NABC sponsor, Televerde.

The Crews ‘n Healthmobile is a 35-foot mobile medical unit that travels throughout the Phoenix community five days a week, providing free, comprehensive medical help directly to thousands of youth who live on the streets and are in desperate need of medical treatment. These children are at an increased risk of illness, injury and depression due to the hardships they face. Most lack health insurance and don’t have access to appropriate health care.

“Dr. Christensen, medical director of the Crews ’n Healthmobile, takes his job to the next level,” said Marsha Helton, hospitality co-chair for the NABC. “Not only does he provide the medical care these children desperately need, but he also goes above and beyond to help them solve their problems. His work is truly inspirational. It’s no wonder CNN awarded him a ‘medical Marvel’ CNN hero for his Crews ‘n Healthmobile initiative.”

To learn more about the Crews ’n Healthmobile please visit http://www.phoenixchildrens.org/community/healthcare-outreach/crewsnhealthmobile.

To learn more about the Phoenix NABC sponsor, Televerde, please visit http://www.televerde.com/.