Nearly a third of ACBL’s districts went to the polls earlier in the fall to elect their district director and, in many places, a first and second alternate. Seven incumbents were reelected while in one district, the incumbent lost his seat in a run-off election.

The three-year term of office for these directors and alternates extends from Jan. 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2017.

In District 21 (San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, Reno), Roger Smith challenged Stu Goodgold for the director’s seat and prevailed in a close run-off. While Smith may be a new face in the current board configuration, he is by no means a newcomer to ACBL administration. He served as the District 21 President 1977–1978 and as president of the ACBL board in 2005.

The returning incumbents are:

Paul Janicki, District 2 (Ontario, Manitoba, Bermuda)

Glenda Calkins, District 3 (eastern New York – except New York City – and northern New Jersey)

Craig Robinson, District 4 (central New York, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, southern New Jersey)

Georgia Heth, District 8 (St. Louis, northern Indiana, central and southern Illinois and Paducah KY)

Sharon Anderson, District 14 (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and North and South Dakota)

Dan Morse, District 16 (Texas and Mexico)

Ken Monzingo, District 22 (southern California except Los Angeles).

First and second alternates, who assume responsibility should a director’s post become vacant, are also members of the ACBL Board of Governors.

District 6: Steve Robinson (first alternate), Shawn Stringer (second alternate)

District 9: Jeff Overby (first alternate)

District 10: Oscar Johnson (first alternate), Ned Irving (second alternate)

District 11: A.J. Stephani (first alternate), Cheryl Schneider (second alternate)

District 12: Subhash Gulati (first alternate)

District 17: Robb Gordon (first alternate), John Grossman (second alternate)

District 20: John Ashton (first alternate), Richard Carle (second alternate)

District 24: Ryan Connors (first alternate)

Roger SmithRoger Smith D21 Elect