ACBL chief executive Robert Hartman has announced the formation of a blue-ribbon task force to identify the steps needed to create a fair playing environment where ethical violations are not tolerated. “We refuse to let a handful of law-breakers bring down bridge,” he said.

“The League’s goal is to provide disincentives for, and punish ethical misconduct at all levels of the game,” Hartman continued. “We want to be more proactive in recognizing suspicious behavior and bringing allegations of misconduct to an expedient resolution while ensuring a fair and impartial hearing process.”

The players who have accepted Hartman’s invitation to serve on this advisory panel are:

Karen Allison
Larry Cohen
Per-Ola Cullin
Eric Kokish
Howard Weinstein
Steve Weinstein
Chris Willenken
Kit Woolsey

“Each of these players brings not only a wealth of playing experience and the highest ethical standards, but a demonstrated interest in cleaning up the game. I am grateful they are volunteering their time to help the League identify effective systems and strategies,” Hartman said. “All of our current disciplinary processes are on the table for discussion. I also anticipate exploring new technology and legal strategies – anything that will get us where we need to go.”

The first meeting of the advisory group will take place during the Fall NABC in Denver. While the meeting itself will not be open to non-task-force members, the topics and discussion are not confidential.