All four U.S. teams and two Canadian teams qualified for the knockout phase at the World Bridge Games in Wroclaw, Poland. Zone 2 countries fielded 10 teams.

Round of 16 matches will be played in six sets Saturday and Sunday with vugraphs on BBO. Play is scheduled between 4 a.m. and about 2:30 p.m. EDT Saturday and from 11:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Sunday. Click here for the full vugraph schedule. Bulletins and live results are available at

As the round-robin phase concluded Friday, the field narrowed to 16 teams in each event. The Open competition was divided into three groups, with the top five in each group plus the highest-scoring sixth-place team qualifying. USA (John Diamond, Brian Platnick, Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco, Kevin Bathurst, Justin Lall and npc Oren Kriegel) qualified fourth in group B, winning 13 of 17 matches.
Canada (Nick L’Ecuyer, Zygmunt Marcinski, Kamel Fergani, Fred Pollack, Judith Gartaganis, Nicholas Gartaganis, npc Marc-Andre Fourcaudot and coach Eric Kokish) took the wild card spot, finishing the round robin sixth in group C.

The USA Women (Beth Palmer, Sylvia Shi, Lynn Deas, Kerri Sanborn, Janice Seamon-Molson, Tobi Sokolow and npc David Sokolow) blitzed four teams on the way to qualifying second in one of two groups, winning 12 of 16 matches.

In the Senior event, the USA (Reese Milner, Hemant Lall, Bob Hamman, Chip Martel, Jeff Meckstroth, Zia Mahmood, npc Petra Hamman and coach Jacek Pszczola) dominated the round-robin phase, finishing more than a full match ahead of the second-place qualifier, China. The USA scored six near blitzes as it won 16 of 23 matches and tied two others.

Canada (John Carruthers, Joey Silver, George Mittelman, Robert Lebi, Boris Baran, Pierre Daigneault, npc James McAvoy and coach Eric Kokish) qualified 14th.

In the Mixed teams, the USA (Sylvia Moss, Michael Seamon, Sheri Winestock, Brad Moss, Sue Picus, Alex Ornstein and npc Phillip Alder) qualified 14th.

World pairs events start Sunday. There is no limit on the number of pairs that each country may nominate to participate in Open, Women’s, Senior and Mixed Pairs.