Trailing by 8 IMPs with one board to play, Lynn Baker’s team picked up 9 IMPs against Cheri Bjerkan’s squad on the last deal to win the Wagar Women’s KO Teams by a single IMP.

Baker played with Karen McCallum, Kerri Sanborn, Irina Levitina, Jo Anna Stansby and Pamela Granovetter.

Bjerkan’s lineup was Rozanne Pollack, Pam Wittes and Ljudmila Kamenova.

In the first quarter, Bjerkan jumped out to a 49-14 lead. By halftime, Baker had shaved a few IMPs from Bjerkan’s lead: 81-55. The third quarter saw Baker pick up a few more IMPs, reducing Bjerkan’s lead to 19 IMPs (117-98). Bjerkan maintained a small lead throughout the fourth quarter until the final board, Baker netted 20 IMPs in the last quarter to win.