An auction to play with the best of bridge is now open! To support the Alzheimer’s Association on The Longest Day, the founders of Bridge Winners are offering to play Speedball sessions on Bridge Base Online. In addition, many other big names in bridge are offering BBO Playing Lessons.


Players from Bridge Winners:

Steve Weinstein

Gavin Wolpert

Jason Feldman

Adam Parrish

Greg Humphreys

Ari Greenberg


Other players up for auction:

Bob Hamman

Mike Passell

Justin Lall

Hemant Lall

John Sutherlin

Daniel Lavee

Ish Del’Monte

Bart Bramley


Or have a private class with Joe Byrnes, founder of, in New York City or Long Island!


Don’t miss your chance to play with the best and raise money for the research, support and care efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. Click here to bid now.