Peter Boyd and Steve Robinson, one of the most effective and enduring partnerships in the annals of the ACBL, posted a 70.05% game in the first final set of the North American Pairs Championship flight on their way to victory by 34.88 matchpoints on a top of 13.

Second place went to Bart Bramley and Ira Hessel, who rallied from sixth place after the first final session to the runner-up spot.

For Boyd and Robinson, the win was their second in the event. The two have partners since 1980. In all that time, they have missed playing together in just two NABCs. The two earned have a world championship playing together – the 1986 Rosenblum Cup (open teams). Robinson was captain of the team that included Kit Woolsey, Ed Manfield, Robert Lipsitz and Neil Silverman.

With the victory, Robinson has 24 North American championships, Boyd 16.

After posting the huge game in the first final session to take a lead of 32.43 matchpoints at the halfway point, the winners endured a few poor scores in a 54.59% game.

With one round to go, in fact, their lead had shrunk by nearly a board.

The final round sealed the victory as they scored 23.5 out of 26 matchpoints on the final two deals.

Boyd said the first final session was just magical. “Every board,” said Boyd, “was just good.”