D.C.-area players Peter Boyd and Steve Robinson are back-to-back winners of the Baldwin North American Pairs Flight A.

District 6 dominated the event, winning both first and second places and placing all three of its pairs in the top six. Michael Gill and Noble Shore were the runners-up, and Sylvia Shi and Daniel Korbel were sixth.

The win took Boyd and Robinson by surprise.

“It didn’t feel like we were winning,” Boyd said. “We’re half expecting to find a full-board error.”

Robinson was focused on missed opportunities. “I would not have been surprised if we were below average,” Robinson said. “We could have done a lot better in a lot of places.”

The pair was eighth going into Thursday’s final and scored a 53.43% in the afternoon session, bringing them up to fifth. But it was the last session, the one they didn’t feel good about, that they got their highest score, 60.17%

The top two pairs were separated by 4.87 matchpoints on a 13 top.

The event marks Robinson’s 25th NABC title and Boyd’s 17th, and their third time winning the NAP playing together. The longtime partnership first won it in 1985.