Boye Brogeland has been named the recipient of the 2016 Sidney H. Lazard Jr. Sportsmanship Award. The prestigious honor recognizes high-level players who strive to win with class and dignity.

“The bridge community owes Boye a huge debt for his historic efforts to eliminate cheating from high-level bridge,” says Award Selection Committee Chair Steve Weinstein. “His devotion to cleaning up our game made him a clear-cut choice for this year’s Lazard award.”

Sidney Lazard Sr. established the Sportsmanship Award in recognition of his son.
“I designed the award as a way to honor his memory by recognizing top bridge players who emulate the ideal that I saw in my son, and to encourage all players to aspire to that standard,” Lazard said.

Lazard, who was an active participant in the selection process since the first award was presented in 2001, died last November.

“We believe Sidney would be pleased with this year’s award winner,” says Weinstein. Zia Mahmood and Steve Beatty also serve on the Selection Committee.

Formal presentation of the award will take place during the Hall of Fame ceremony at the Summer NABC in Washington DC.

Lazard Sportsmanship Award recipient: Boye Brogeland

Lazard Sportsmanship Award recipient: Boye Brogeland