Leading from start to finish, the team captained by Dori Byrnes took the maximum carryover of 30 victory points into the final two sessions and had the event virtually wrapped up with a session to go. The team’s final margin over the runners-up, captained by Hannah Moon, was 16.59 VPs.

Byrnes, of Morris Plains NJ, played with Williams Ehlers, Madison NJ; Owen Lien, Detroit MI; Radu Nistor, New York City, and Iulian Rotaru, Bucharest, Romania.

Moon, of Prince Albert SK, played with Jan Zadroga, Todz, Poland; Jerry Stamatov and Diyan Danailov of Sofia, Bulgaria, and Daniel Williams, Henderson NV.

With one round to go, the Byrnes team was in first place with 124 VPs. Any win or tie would guarantee victory, and a loss of up to 16 IMPs would still have resulted in a win.

Byrnes left nothing to chance, winning by 17 IMPs to give them the win. It was the first North American championship for Byrnes and Ehlers, the second for Lien. Rotaru and Nistor won the Lebhar IMP Pairs in 2014.