Jenni Carmichael and Greg Humphreys crushed the field in the Rockwell Mixed Pairs, riding a magic first qualifying day to a three-board win. Everyone else was playing for second.

Carmichael, from Kennesaw GA, and Humphreys, from Charlottesvillle VA followed up their 75% and 69% sessions Tuesday with a 65.93% afternoon and 60.51% evening yesterday. Their 3798 bested runners-up Kerri and Steve Sanborn from Delray Beach FL by 338 points (on a 103 top).

“Jenni was perfect for three sessions,” said Humphreys, “I was OK. Then we were both awful”

The win is the first NABC win for both Carmichael and Humphreys.

“We couldn’t do anything wrong,” Humphreys continued. “Every mistake was amazing,” Humphreys continued. “Every time we did something wrong, it was a miracle result. Every time the opponents did something wrong, they got a zero.”