Vainikonis wins Reisinger on final board Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams winners: Jerzy Skrzyzpczak and Ron Pachtmann, Boguslaw Gierulski, Vytautas Vainikonis, Olanski Wojtek and Pawel Zatorski. Second place in the Reisinger went to the Mark Gordon team: David Berkowitz and Michael Rosenberg; rear, Gordon, Jacek Pszczola, Alan Sontag and Pratap Rajadhyaksha.   Tulin captures North American Swiss Winners […]

James Melville and Vladislav Isporski, in second place with a round to go, took advantage of the chance to play the first-place pair, scoring well enough to change places with them, winning the 0-10K Fast Pairs by X matchpoints. Second place went to Christina Van Leeuwen and David McRae of Media PA. The masterpoints McRae […]

With one round to go, Billy Eisenberg and Connie Goldberg were holding onto first place in the Senior Mixed Pairs, leading by about five matchpoints. On the penultimate board, they had a bad result and slipped to third, but then rallied for a near top on the final deal to win the event by .55 […]

Teresa Boyd and Grant Robinson of Dublin CA, trailing the leaders by 27.68 matchpoints with one session to go, rallied with a 57.73% game to win the 0-10K Mini-Blue Ribbon pairs by .61 matchpoints. The winners were just ahead of Om Chokriwala, Sherman Oaks CA, and Joan Rubin, Encinco CA, who were leading the event […]

John Hurd and Joe Grue, 67 matchpoints out of first with one session to play, came through with a good game despite some hiccups near the end to win the Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs by 15 matchpoints on a top of 38. The win was the second in a row for Hurd, who won with […]

Two solid games on Wednesday gave Emily Harrell and Benedicte Cronier a lock on the winner’s spot in the Whitehead Women’s Pairs even before the last round of play. They qualified second coming into the day. The NABC win is the first for Harrell, from Shoal Creek AL. For Cronier, who hails from Paris, France, […]

Live video of the finals of 2015 Reisinger Board-A-Match from the Denver NABC will be available online Sunday, December 6. To view multiple camera angles, visit ACBL’s NABC YouTube channel. You can match the streaming video to the VuGraph of the game on Bridge Base Online.  Game times for the Reisinger begin at 11 a.m. […]

Theri Andino and Spencer Jones, whose previous playing experience was essentially a midnight game, had a strong final session in the 0-10K IMP Pairs to win the event by 4.49 IMPs. Second place went to Robert and Ellen Kent of Marina Del Rey CA. Andino lives in Niceville FL, in the state’s panhandle. Jones is […]

The team captained by Rose Meltzer, trailing by 35 IMPs at the half, came through with a 37-3 third quarter on their way to a 99-94 win in the Baze Senior Knockout Teams. The runners-up were led by Gaylor Kasle. Meltzer played with John Mohan, John Sutherlin, Dan Morse, Ron Smith and Steve Garner. Kasle’s […]

Lynda Nitabach’s team entered the second day of the Marsha May Sternberg Women’s Board-a-Match with a five-board carryover. Posting 15.5- and 16-win sessions on Tuesday, they held off their stalkers to take the event by almost two boards. Their total score was 35.00. Nitabach, of North Plainfield NY played with Sandra Rimstedt, Cecilia Rimstedt, Ida […]