Grand National Teams

Morehead Championship Flight

Winners of the Grand National Teams Championship Flight from District 25: Doug Doub, Frank Merblum, Zachary Grossack and Adam Grossack

Second in the GNT Championship Flight from District 21: Lew Stansby, JoAnna Stansby, David Grainger, Kit Woolsey, Debbie Rosenberg and Chip Martel


Goldman Flight A

GNT Flight A champions from District 6: Sylvia Shi, Jian-Jian Wang, Alex Prairie and Stephen Drodge

Second in GNT-A from District 19: Amy Gao, William Ge, Ben Takemori and James Wu


Sheinwold Flight B

Winners of the GNT Flight B from District 23: Zheng Zhang, Om Chokriwala, Jack Chang; Nolan Chang, Fred Upton, Jim Perkins

Second in the GNT Flight B from District 22: Steve Hirsch, Greg Thorpe, Ian Wilson and Joe Mack


MacNab Flight C

GNT Flight C champs from District 21: Chin Huang, Frank Xie, Mingxiang Li, Chun Chang, Donghui Lu and Michael Yang

Second in the GNT Flight C from District 22: Neil Ogura, Winston Chang, Wayne Gorski, Kenny Pan and Joe Albert Garcia


Von Zedtwitz LM Pairs

Winners of the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs: Mike Passell and Chris Compton

Second in the von Zedtwitz Life Masters Pairs: Steve Garner and Ralph Katz


Bruce LM-5000 Pairs

Winners of the Bruce LM-5000 Pairs: Michael Smith and Susan Smith of Newington CT

Second in the Bruce LM-5000 Pairs: H. John Edmonds and Larry Kahn


Young 0-1500 Pairs

First in the Young 0-1500 Pairs: John Welte and Martha Welte of Buffalo NY – with the victory, the pair became Life Masters

Second in the Young 0-1500 Pairs: Ping Hu and Tsao-Tung Tsai


10K Pairs

The winners of the 0-10,000 NABC Pairs are local duo Rusty Krauss and David Rodney – Krauss is also the chief corporate sponsor of the 2016 Summer NABC

Second in the 0-10,000 Pairs: Mohsin Chandna and Jay Kelkar


College Bowl

This squad from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign won the 2016 Collegiate Bridge Bowl Championship: Peter Yeh, Yewen Fan, Ziyang Liu and Brad Sevick. Illinois defeated Berkeley in the final 111-75.