To view the new General Convention Chart that went into effect May 1, 2015, click here.

The new version has two major changes:

The first change is that transfer responses in competition by the Responder (Opening Bidder’s Partner) are now GCC legal. It has been GCC legal for some time to play transfers by the Advancer (Overcall’s Partner). These bids require an alert.

The second change coming to the GCC applies to overcalls after a 1NT opening bid. Prior to this change, an overcall of 2 always needed to have at least one known suit to be GCC legal; now an overcall of 2 showing an unspecified one-suited hand in either hearts or spades is GCC legal.

For all other uses, 2 must still show at least one known suit. For example, it would not be GCC legal for 2 to show a major or both minors. This change will make a fairly popular defense over 1NT called ‘Woolsey’ available to play in GCC events.

We have also corrected some minor typing errors and duplications.