What Is the ACBL Learning Center?

The ACBL Learning Center is your online learning resource center, delivering instruction and information interactively over the Internet or intranet. In addition to its facilities for self-paced and instructor-assisted learning, the center allows you to measure how much you have learned. This helps you gauge your understanding and allows you to monitor your progress and request additional help, if necessary.

Interactivity is key to the learning process. In addition to the interactivity that is built into courses through questions, workshops and animated demonstrations, the ACBL Learning Center allows you to communicate with subject matter experts and other users through integrated Discussion Groups, Help Desk, Chat and Messaging. For example, to ask the ACBL Online Training Center subject matter expert a question while you’re taking a course, just click the Help button, and a window pops up so you can visit the Help Desk.

ACBL Learning Center Navigation

The ACBL Learning Center contains buttons that allow you to navigate the interactive features of the Center. You can access many of these features from within a course.

Courses Button

You can take only those courses for which you have been given authorization. These courses may contain pre-tests, post-tests and in-lesson questions to reinforce your understanding of the material being presented.

Help Desk Button

Ask questions about course content and get answers from your subject matter expert. The Help Desk is private, so other students cannot see your questions. You should receive a response to your question within 24 hours.

Discussion Button

Participate in public forums on a variety of topics. This is a good place to ask questions and get answers from other students, experts and instructors.

Messages Button

Communicate privately with any other center user. If you are enrolled in a class, you can determine the user IDs of other students in your class by viewing the Class List in the Student Lounge.

Chat Button

Communicate in a real-time public forum with other Training Center users.

Reference Button

Click to view the reference page. Read additional reference information such as articles, white papers and answers to frequently asked questions.
Reporting Button

Click to see test results for all the courses you have taken and determine how much time you have spent on-line with each course.

Administration Button

Click to utilize administrative features if you are authorized.

Taking a Course

You can take only those courses for which you have been given authorization. To access a course, click on the Courses Button, then click on the name of the course. The system shows you the course’s Lesson Menu. The Lesson Menu allows you to access the course introduction, the lessons that make up the course, and the course conclusion.

Before Taking a Lesson

Click on the name of the lesson you want to take. The system shows you the Topic Menu and content for that lesson.

Taking a Pre-Test

Before you study the lesson content, if the lesson contains a pre-test, you should take the lesson’s pre-test, which allows you to assess how much you already know about the subject matter. In the Topic Menu, click on the Assess What You Know topic, then press the Submit button to see a secondary window containing the pre-test. You can take each pre-test only once. If you get a low score, don’t worry–a low score only means that you’ll learn a lot more when you take the lesson!

Taking a Lesson

After taking the pre-test, close the pre-test window and return to the window containing the Topic Menu and the lesson itself. You can move through the lesson by clicking topics from the Topic Menu and moving the scroll bar on the right side of your browser or using the Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard.

A lesson may contain a variety of questions. You should answer each question to ensure that you understand the material. Some lessons contain in-lesson questions separate from the pre-test or post-test. Some lessons may have no questions. When you click an in-lesson question’s Submit button, your browser opens a small secondary window that tells you if your answer is correct and gives you a hint if your answer is incorrect. No record is kept of your responses: these questions are solely to help you understand the material as you progress through it.

Working With Windows

Some lessons contain buttons that cause the browser to display additional subject matter in a secondary window. Also, some of the buttons that appear at the bottom of the lesson window display their results in a secondary window. For example, if you click the Help button at the bottom of the lesson, the browser opens a new window and uses that window to show you the Help Desk.

Secondary windows sometimes become hidden behind other windows. (This occurs most often with some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.) If this happens to you, minimize the other windows until you can see the secondary window. Alternatively an icon for the secondary window should appear on the Task bar. Click on the icon to bring the secondary window to the top.

When a secondary window appears, you should interact with it–for example, read the subject matter information. When you are finished with the secondary window, simply press the Close button to close the window and return to the window containing the lesson.

Viewing Demonstrations and Animations

Some lessons allow you to watch an animated demonstration of a particular task. While the demonstration runs in one window, you can use another window, the control panel, to read about what the demonstration is showing you and control how the demonstration works. Other lessons may have animations that are in the lesson window. There are also learning activities that you may interact with, that have play stop or rewind control bars, or other control means.

Taking a Post-Test

After completing a lesson, take the post-test. In the Topic Menu, click on the Show What You’ve Learned topic, then press the Submit button to see a secondary window containing the post-test. In many courses, you can take the post-test again. If you get a low score, you can review the lesson again, then re-take the test. The number of times that you may re-take a post-test will vary, depending on the course.

After Taking All Lessons

When you finish taking all the lessons for the course, go to the Lesson Menu to view the course conclusion.