Ruling the Game

“The Rest Are Mine”


Or are they? When is a claim a claim? Is the 2♣ a minor penalty card or a major penalty card? Well, that depends. When does declarer’s card become a played card? When is a revoke not a revoke? Do you know all the answers? Are you sure? Welcome to Ruling the Game, our latest online learning course. While designed particularly for club directors to polish their skills, the course also will benefit players looking for a better understanding of common rulings.

Written by popular director Guillermo Poplawsky, the course includes dozens of lessons and quizzes on auctions, play of the hand, claims and more. The cost is $25. The full course will take two to three hours to complete, but you can take it at your own pace, exiting and returning for 30 days.

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Ruling the Game joins ACBLscore for Beginners as the second course in the ACBL’s online Club Director Education Program. ACBLscore for Beginners remains available for $20.

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