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Rev. 9/14/13

Law 40 includes this provision:

3. (a) unless permitted by the Regulating Authority*, a player is not entitled during the auction and play periods to any aids to his memory, calculation or technique.

Items that would fall in these categories include:

  • Taking notes or writing down the auction and referring to it during the play
  • Writing down one’s complete hand and referring to it during the play
  • Placing opening leader’s first led suit to the far left of Dummy
  • Arranging played tricks in some other way than allowed by law to assist in recognizing who won the trick or how many tricks must still be taken to set or make the contract
  • Placing a finger on the table to consistently remind Declarer when he should be leading from Dummy rather than from his hand.
  • Referring to one’s own convention card at any time during the auction or play of the hand.

*A club serves as its own Regulating Authority, whether it be in the form of a Board, an Owner, or Club Manager.

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