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Rev. 9/14/13

For ACBL tournaments the policy is that the “traveler scores” or “percentages” functions of the electronic scoring be turned off. It is our opinion that seeing scores from other participants gives the players knowledge of how they’re doing and may impact their choices during later rounds. This may lead to “shooting” by out of contention pairs which begins to skew the legitimate results on boards. ACBL maintains that a player should only have their own estimation based upon their own experience in determining how they’re doing for a given session.

Having the “traveler results” function on leads to other problems as well: slower play as players feel the need to discuss all those other results; Unauthorized Information passed around the room as some player announces a strange outcome or contract; The need to adjust scores and assign penalties when a table plays the boards out of order and enters the second board in the first slot and sees results from other tables for a board not yet played.

Clubs, however, may set their own policy as to the use of these functions, and ACBL would not interfere in cases of STaCs unless the Regulating Authority asked that it be added to the conditions of contest for that specific STaC.


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