Print and complete the New Sanction/Sanction Renewal Application as follows:

  • Print or type the name and address of the club in full, including zip/postal code.
  • Give only the telephone number, including area code, you wish to be listed on the ACBL web page club directory. (Only one number may be listed.)
  • List the full name and address, including zip/postal code, and ACBL player number of the club manager. Please list only one individual as club manager.
  • Complete schedule of Club Masterpoint Game Sessions:
    • Session number (explanation included on application)
    • Time of day game begins
    • Frequency (for instance, if the session is to be held on Mondays, once a month, show which Mondays, such as 1st and 3rd, etc.)
    • Months game is to be held (If your club will suspend operations during the summer months of June, July and August, for example, do not place an “X” in the box for those months. A tentative starting date would be appreciated.)
    • List the class of club game: Open (Class 4), Invitational/Restricted (Class 3), Novice/Newcomer (Class 2) and Bridge Plus+ (Class 1).
    • List names of directors.
    • Submit completed application with the $11.50 sanction fee for each session. For instance, if your application is for two different sessions, your fees would be $23. Each year thereafter, your renewal will be $11.50 for each game session to be renewed.

Your club masterpoint game will be sanctioned by the ACBL 30 days from the day the application and fees are received by the Club and Member Services Department. Your unit may elect to waive the 30-day waiting period. Please enclose any waivers with your formal application and fees.

An ACBL sanction is valid from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Fees are not prorated. A sanction issued in November must renew for the following year by the deadline of Jan. 31 of that year. Club masterpoint games not renewed must re-apply as if they wish to resume operations at a later date. If a club masterpoint game wishes to be listed on the ACBL web page club directory, it must renew its sanction by Jan. 31 of the current year.