Many clubs and units are coming together to raise money for The Longest Day. A partnership of the Northern Virginia Bridge Association and the Washington Bridge League, Bridge Heroes United, has raised $7545 as of May 22. In addition to donations already collected, the group has held a silent auction and plans to sell bridge-related pamphlets. They hope to increase their total with additional donations and a raffle on June 21.

“The Longest Day is a great opportunity for all of us to make a difference — to raise money to support Alzheimer’s while playing bridge,” said Yuen DeAnda, fundraising team leader. “It doesn’t get any better than that. There are no words to describe the sadness and frustrations of this terrible disease. Any of us could be affected by Alzheimer’s in the future.”

Twenty “10 free plays” certificates, donated by the Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference, will be part of the raffle. This is a gift from the MABC to reward the generosity of its bridge community while supporting The Longest Day fundraising efforts in Districts 6 and 7. DeAnda has organized the event so that entrants can put their names on the back of the tickets so they don’t have to be present to win.

DeAnda is promoting the event through emails, Facebook, announcements at club and unit games, distributing bookmark reminders, postings on NVBA and WBL websites, a flier created for the WBL Bulletin and entries in local community calendars.

To learn more about The Longest Day and to donate, go to