Opening a new bridge club or starting a new game is an exciting venture for bridge players. Clubs are like families, and you as the director have the opportunity to be the perfect host. The atmosphere of fun and competition is yours to create.

The ACBL provides a number of resources for how to start and develop your game, including the Club Managers Handbook and various programs available through the Marketing Department. We now offer an ACBLscore for Beginners online course for just $20. You can register at The Cooperative Advertising Program should be of particular interest to new clubs, as it reimburses you for expenses to advertise bridge lessons and ACBL member recruitment.

What does it take to be a good club director? These are the essential requirements:

  • Technical skills needed to run bridge games of all types.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge and ACBL regulations.
  • Knowledge of ACBLscore and ability to work with required software and hardware.
  • Public relations skills to balance the roles of referee, judge, teacher, psychologist and entertainment director.

First, however, you need to prepare for the Club Directors Exam.


You can prepare for this exam by studying on your own or by enrolling in the Club Directors Course, which is given regularly at the North American Bridge Championships and a number of regional tournaments. It is an open-book, written test. You must answer at least 65 percent of the questions correctly to pass the test.

Taking The Exam

If you are taking the exam on your own and not as a part of the Club Directors Course, contact your unit secretary, who will appoint a monitor for your test. Once ACBL receives a request from the secretary, an exam will be mailed to your monitor. After you take the exam, the monitor will mail it back to the ACBL The candidate pays the monitor $20, of which $12 accompanies the completed exam, and the monitor retains the remaining $8. You will be sent a letter notifying you of the result.

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