Meet new players or play with your favorite partner from the comfort of your own home virtually any time day or night. Fees vary by site. Certified directors run all games. Sites also offer features such as lessons, free social rooms, partnerships and more. Most games are a quick 12 boards. About 40,000 tables of ACBL-sanctioned games are in play monthly.

Click on a site logo to access its free software. The online clubs provide their own online and telephone help. Please contact the site directly if you need assistance.

Bridge Base
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OK Bridge

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Phone Help: 1-888-652-7434 (Toll Free in US & Canada), +1 858-490-6770 (International)

Swan Games

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Practice Your Play

MiniBridge is bridge without the bidding. It’s a great game to introduce youth to or to practice your play. A free MiniBridge program is available from Blue Chip Bridge. Click here to download.

The Language of Bridge Online

Before you play, you may want to take a look at the bridge shorthand players use online. Use this link to discover how players communicate quickly with each other on the Internet.