Inter-Club Championship Games Club Manager Information

General Information

  • You must score your game using ACBLscore 8.27 or higher to participate in these events.
  • Set up your game as follows:
    • Select “Club Championship (ALL)”
    • then “Inter-Club Championship” from the next pick box
  • Clubs must register at least seven days in advance of the game. Click here to sign-up.
  • Clubs will receive the material via email 48 hours prior to the game. Arrangements must be made to either print the hands for duplication or have the director duplicate the hands for his or her game. Anyone involved in the hand record process is not allowed to play in the event.
  • If you receive hand records from ACBL and decide not to participate in the event, please notify ACBL so that we are not expecting results from your club.
  • The strat limits used for the overall masterpoint awards will be as follows, but you may run your game with your normal strats if you prefer. All strats are re-computed before generating overall results. A=1500+, B=500-1500 and C=0-500
  • Invitational games will be scored and ranked as Club Championship events with one restriction (20% reduction). Limited masterpoint games will be scored and ranked alone unless a like masterpoint game is held at one or more other ICC game sites. In this case, these games will be scored together for overall rankings and masterpoint awards. Invitational and Limited games may be included in the Open event if they are opened to all players and advertised as such in advance.
  • Score correction period for the games is 24 hours after conclusion of the event.
  • Fees for this event are your regular club fees plus $1 per player.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report the results?

All results are to be emailed to Results. To be included in the overalls, morning and afternoon games must be reported by noon (Central Standard Time) the following day; evening games by 3:00 p.m. (Central Standard Time) the following day. Results not received by that time will not be included in the overall results. Also, if you sign up for the game but cancel it for any reason, please notify us so that we don’t expect results from your club.

Just send the game file (such as 030820.aca) as an attachment to the email.

Why are the posted percentages different than at the club?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question we receive: “I had a 65% game at my club but your list shows us at 62%. How come?” Remember, the scores are re-computed by us and are scored with a much bigger top so it is not unusual for the scores to change. Also, the scores tend to compress a bit with the large number of comparisons.

Perhaps an example will help you understand the principle. Suppose at your club the board is played nine times with an 8 top. You are the only pair (thanks to fantastic bridge judgment and a bidding misunderstanding) to bid and make a slam. You receive a top on the board.

Let us further suppose that it turns out that 50% of the field at other clubs also bid and made the slam. You will receive about 75% of the matchpoints on the board. Thus, your “top” has been reduced to a 6 (on an 8 top). This “field effect” tends to improve your zeros too.