Thank you for your interest in The Longest Day. While official registration is encouraged and makes your The Longest Day event more fun and exciting for your players, it is not a requirement to hold Alzheimer’s games during the week of June 17-24, 2018.

Setup for these games will be the same as for any Charity Club Championship. Please read the detailed ACBLscore Instructions for The Longest Day games. You will need to have ACBLscore in order to process the games. You can download it here:

There are two options for the type game you can run:

  • Regular games (18+ boards) – fee is $1 per table, plus an additional $1 per player ($5 per table total).
  • Shorter games (12-17 boards) – to maximize the number of games – fee is $.55 per table plus an additional $.75 cents per player ($3.55 per table total).

Games played during the week of June 17 – 24, 2018 in support of The Longest Day receive upgraded masterpoints – 63.6% sectional-rated black. All sanction fees should be included on your regular monthly report. Once collected, sanction fees from U.S. clubs will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association and fees collected in Canada will be donated to the Alzheimer Society Canada.

If your club doesn’t plan to officially register with the Alzheimer’s Association and you elect to raise additional funds to help the fight against Alzheimer’s, please fill out the donation form linked below and follow the instructions to send the funds directly to the beneficiary.

Alzheimer’s Association Donation Form