The EBU also has some helpful videos on changes to the laws, check them out here.

Changes in the Law – Video Seminar

An edited version of this seminar has been created as two separate video files, each lasting approximately one hour. Viewing both videos completely and sequentially will provide a thorough review of the most important changes to the Laws of Duplicate Bridge that became effective in September 2017.

The index below will allow the viewer to identify the elapsed time location in the videos of various topics of interest. The index will also facilitate returning to where one stopped when it was not convenient to view the entire video at one sitting.

Part One


00:00 Introduction and Overview
02:37 Law 68 – Claims and Concessions
11:45 Law 23A1 – Definition of Comparable Call – Same or Similar Meaning
32:08 Law 23A2 – Definition of Comparable Call – Subset
39:37 Law 23A3 – Definition of Comparable Call – Same Purpose
43:25 Law 23 – Directorial Procedure in Handling Comparable Call Situations
To watch on YouTube, click here. (Allows full-screen viewing)

Part Two


00:00 Information about Club Director Support by Telephone
04:20 Law 23C – Comparable Call – Damage to the Non-Offending Side
06:18 Law 30 – Pass Out of Rotation
16:30 Laws 31 and 32 – Bids Out of Rotation; Doubles Out of Rotation
23:12 Law 27 – Insufficient Bids
29:06 Law 26 – Call Withdrawn, Lead Restrictions
37:00 Law 25 – Legal and Illegal Changes of Call
44:05 Law 12C – Awarding an Adjusted Score
58:11 Law 64 – Procedure after an Established Revoke
To watch on YouTube, click here. (Allows full-screen viewing)

You can read about the 2017 Changes to the Laws here.

Changes to the Laws

Subject Law Watch
Claims and Concessions Law 68 and 70 YouTube
Comparable Call Law 23 YouTube
Comparable Calls – Similar Meaning Law 23A1 YouTube
Comparable Calls – Subsets Law 23A2 YouTube
Comparable Calls – Same Purpose Law 23A3 YouTube
Pass out of Rotation Law 30 YouTube
Bid out of Rotation Law 31 YouTube

Changes to the Laws

Subject Law Watch
Double or Redouble out of Rotation Law 32 YouTube
Awarding an adjusted score Law 12C YouTube
Lead restrictions after a withdrawn call Law 26 YouTube
Wrong Board Law 15 YouTube
Legal and Illegal Changes of Call Law 25 YouTube
Mistaken Explanation – Mistaken Call Law 75 YouTube
Laws Dealing with the Revoke Laws 61-64 YouTube

ACBLscore Help

Subject Watch
Setting Up a Game YouTube
Attendance and Merging Records YouTube
Back up and Restore a Database YouTube
Deleting Old Game Files YouTube
Renaming Game Files YouTube