With a victory in his final event of the year, Chris Compton appears to have edged past Mark Itabashi by about six masterpoints to win the 2013 Barry Crane Top 500. The final tally for Compton and Mark Itabashi are subject to change because of unreported masterpoints from clubs.

Compton, of Dallas, was playing in the Myrtle Beach MABC New Year’s Regional in an event that started on Dec. 31 and concluded on New Year’s Day. Because the event started in 2013, the masterpoints counted in the 2013 Top 500 race.

Totals remain unofficial. Masterpoints won online do not count in the race.

Itabashi, playing in the Reno Holiday Regional, won his final event – an A/X Swiss Teams – but a low turnout limited his masterpoint haul to 12.25. That put him ahead of Compton by 32.45, but Compton collected 38.46 for winning the top KO bracket in Myrtle Beach.

It was one of the closest finishes in the history of the competition and one of the few settled so late in the year.

Unofficial totals are 2761.86 for Compton, 2011 Top 500 winner, to 2755.85 for Itabashi, trying for his first.