Technical difficulties delayed the final computations, but once all the machines and wires and wireless wizardry cooperated, Janice Seamon-Molson and Richard Coren emerged the victors in the Rockwell Mixed Pairs. The winning margin was a third of a board; they outdistanced the runners up 2961 to 2927 (90 top).

Beth and John Bromberg from Dallas – the apparent winners until the technical glitches were ironed out – finished in second place.

Coren, from Delray Beach FL, is on a tear . This is his second NABC win this tournament. He and Bobby Levin took the Platinum Pairs on Sunday night.

Seamon-Molson thought a mediocre afternoon session had ended their chances, but their 66.50% evening was enough to rocket past the rest of the field.

Coren and Seamon-Molson have known each other and played together for years. In Florida, when he was 17 and she was 16, their families used to do battle in the Friday night Swiss at the local club. They attended the same law school: he finished first in his class – a year later, she finished at the top of her class.