Paul Hattis and Jim Orleans won the Bean Red Ribbon Pairs, defending the title they first won in 2015. Hattis, of Newton MA, and Orleans, of Boca Raton FL, were second after Friday’s qualifying round and scored 64% in the first final session to take the lead in the event. The second final session yielded only 51% for the pair, but the strength of their carryover allowed them to win by more than a board.

Their secret to success this year? “Try to bid notrump,” said Hattis. Orleans noted that he and Hattis play together only a couple of times each year. For Red Ribbon contestants wondering when Hattis and Orleans will become ineligible for the Red Ribbon Pairs (which is limited to players with fewer than 2500 masterpoints), the answer is that they’ll have to wait quite a while.

Orleans started the NABC with about 260 points, while Hattis began with about 420.

In second place was the mother son duo of Renee Shunta of Grand Haven MI and Cameron Shunta of Spring Lake MI.