District 23’s Murat Veysoglu and Kevin Lane barely qualified for the final of the Golder North American Pairs Flight B – they were 50th of 52 pairs – but they hit their stride in yesterday’s two- session event to win the contest by a third of a board.

Veysoglu, of Cypress CA, and Lane, of Long Beach CA, scored 63.08% in the first final session and 58.77% in the second to finish eight matchpoints ahead (top = 25) of runners-up Bob Enenstein of Los Altos CA and Alan Wood of San Jose CA representing District 21.

Veysoglu, an engineer at Boeing, has previously finished second in the NAP Flight C in 2010. Lane, who represents D23 on the ACBL Board of Directors, won the 0-1500 Mini-Spingold in 2014 and was second in the Grand National Teams Flight C in 2007.

The winners have been playing actively together for the past year.