Florida players Kevin Dwyer and Stan Tulin, well back in the Lebhar IMP Pairs field after two qualifying sessions, had two strong games in the final two sessions to win the event by 2.04 IMPs. Second place went to Curtis Cheek, Las Vegas, and Arthur Crystal, Fairfield CT.

Dwyer, of Melbourne, and Tulin, of Boca Raton, won their second NABC+ event playing together. They were members of the winning squad last fall in the Keohane North American Swiss Teams.

Dwyer has two other NABC+ wins to his credit: the Grand National Teams Championship Flight in 2014 and the Baldwin North American Pairs Flight A in 2013.

Dwyer was a member of the winning Mini-Spingold team in 2009.

After Friday’s two qualifying sessions, the winners were lodged in a tie for 44th/45th, 10.18 IMPs out of first. In the first final session, they scored plus 58.91 IMPs to zoom into third place. A final session score of plus 36.18 was enough for them to move into first. Their final score was 95.09.

While the winners were staging their rally, Cheek and Crystal scored plus 63.04 IMPs to climb from 19thwith a session to go into the runner-up spot with a final score of 93.05.