If you have questions, email emailservices@staging.acbl.org or call 662-253-3141. Send requests for email blasts to emailservices@staging.acbl.org.

Instructions for Tournament Email Notices

After listening to the desires of units and districts, the ACBL has developed software that allows you to manage your own email campaigns. Because of this, the tournament email process is changing. You are now in control. The middle man has been cut out, and you can directly contact your unit/district and the units/districts around you. Even better, there are a lot of new features you have been asking for:

  • Adding attachments to emails
  • Sending a second email per tournament
  • Segmenting email campaigns based on masterpoint holdings or rank
  • Dynamic, bridge-themed email designs
  • Printing and sending a hard copy letter to any member you don’t have the ability to email

To take advantage of the new software, called Marketing Solution, powered by Pianola, please send a request to Email Services. You will then receive a user guide and an invitation to create a username and password for your own personal account. Permissions for your unit/district have already been arranged.

If you are unable to take advantage of the new system, you may continue to contact Email Services. for assistance in sending tournament notices to members in your area. Emails will not be sent to members without a request.

All notices must include an email address that can be used for replies. When a member replies to the email notice, the message will be sent to this chosen address. Account users will automatically be listed as an option for replies. To add other “reply-to” email addresses, contact Email Services.

For technical support in using the program, contact Mary at Baron Barclay at 1-800-274-2221 or mary@baronbarclay.com .

This program is for notification of upcoming Regional and Sectional tournaments only. See the full list of Guidelines below.

The ACBL is mindful of increasingly strong laws regarding internet privacy. Members are automatically subscribed to communications from the ACBL. Members are able to opt out of receiving messages through their privacy settings.

Notice Guidelines

All notice requests for emails to be sent on your behalf must be sent to the ACBL via email to Email Services. In order to ensure that your email flier notice is sent out in a timely fashion, please note the following deadlines for submitting email notice requests to the ACBL:

  • Notices for Sectional tournaments should be sent to the ACBL at least six (6) weeks prior to the tournament start date.
  • Notices for Regional tournaments should be sent to the ACBL at least eight (8) weeks before the tournament start date.
  • The ACBL cannot guarantee the timely delivery of any notices that are submitted later than the above deadlines.
  • All notices MUST be sent to the ACBL in the body of an email or with a Word document attachment containing the information.
  • All notices MUST include an email address that can be used for replies.
  • A tournament flier must be posted on the ACBL website prior to approval of the notice. (This is the flier the notice will link to.)
  • Only one (1) email notice will be sent per tournament.
  • Sectional tournament emails will be sent to members in an approximate 200-mile radius.
  • Regional tournament emails will be sent to members in a 500-mile radius.
  • You are responsible for your notice content, so please be sure to proof read it – twice!
  • Do not use photos or other graphics in your email notices. All submissions that contain photos/graphics will be returned for correction purposes.