Fleisher grabs Spingold Trophy

ACBL President Ken Monzingo presented the Spingold Trophy replica to Martin Fleisher, captain of the winning team. With them are Chip Martel, Brad Moss, Joe Grue, Sabine Auken and Roy Welland.

Runners-up in the Spingold Knockout Teams were Dominik Filipowicz, Geir Helgemo, team captain Pierre Zimmermann, Tor Helness, Franck Multon and Krzysztof Martens.


Onstott sails in Roth Open Swiss

The Onstott squad owned the six-session Roth Open Swiss Teams: captain John Onstott, Mike Passell, Drew Casen, Joshua Donn, Chris Compton and unofficial coach Debra Hyatt.

Second in the Roth Open Swiss: Michal Nowosadzki, Alon Birman, Jacek Kalita, Dror Padon and captain Stan Tulin and Kevin Dwyer.


Byrnes wins 10K Mixed Swiss

Winners of the 0-10,000 Mixed Swiss Teams: Mike McNamara, Sylvia McNamara, William Ehlers, captain Dori Byrnes, Shan Huang and Sylvia Shi. The last round of the event was played for second place, as the Byrnes team was so far ahead it won with a round to go. They finished with 138.15 victory points, nearly a full round ahead of second place at 118.31.

Second in the 0-10,000 Mixed Swiss Teams: Paul Meerschaert, Carole Miner, Peg Waller and captain Serdar Ogut.


Compton, Passell share Fishbein Trophy

Partners Chris Compton and Mike Passell earned more masterpoints than any other players at the Summer NABC to win the Fishbein Trophy, awarded the to the player(s) who accomplish that feat. In DC, Compton’s and Passell’s victories include the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs (190 masterpoints) and the Roth Open Swiss Teams (160).