The squad led by Sheila Gabay won the Freeman Mixed Board-a-Match Teams, narrowly edging out Barbara Ferm’s squad by 0.20. Gabay, of Newton MA, played with Victor King of Hartford CT and Linda Lewis and Paul Lewis of Las Vegas.

Ferm, of Dallas TX, played with Jacob Morgan of Madison WI, Jill Meyers of Santa Monica CA, Migry Zur Campanile of New York City and Peter Weichsel of Carlsbad CA.

The winners scored 16 in the each of the final sessions, and with their carryover of 3.01, finished the event with 35.01. The Ferm team scored 34.81.

This was the first NABC victory for King, who became a Grand Life Master with the win. It was Gabay’s first win the Freeman, whose previous best finish in the event was second. Paul and Linda Lewis won the Mixed BAM 35 years ago, when they were added to a squad captained by the late Esta van Zandt.